Monday, February 20, 2012

Our Etsy Shop is Open!!!!!!

I'm so excited to anounce we've finally got our first album posted on Etsy - whoooo!!! Visit us at:

I managed to get a better description of Persnicktey #3 for the Etsy post, so check it out. I also added 1 more tag. Somehow 13 tags didn't seem right. I'm not supersticious or anything, but I just like even numbers of things. My collage art teacher taught us to use the "Greek odds", but I always put 2 sets of 3 elements. I just can't help it.

I'm starting on 2 baby albums this week. Two of the teachers I work with are having a joint baby shower next Tuesday. One is a huge Arkansas Razorback fan, so I'm working on something special for her.

The other has her nursery done in "Vintage 70's). Hey! I grew up in the 70's! Hard to think of that being vintage. That aside, do you know how hard it is to find baby boy papers, stickers, etc. in chocolate brown, olive green, and harvest gold???? I looked at Hobby Lobby for an hour and a half Saturday night (hubby sat in the truck and called every 15 minutes to "check" on me and remind me how long I'd been shopping. On top of everything else, they are remodeling our Hobby Lobby, so everything is moved around and even the sales people have difficulty finding things. I only found 1 set of animal stickers that looked like they went with items in her Target registery, but I couldn't find any babyish paper to go with them. I finally settled on a page kit called "Cute Little Baby" fom the Paper Studio. It's got lots of brown, gold, orange and an olivie green (along with some pink and a funky shade of blue). The only problem is that it has zoo animals and her nursery has forrest animals. I may go back and get the sticker set I liked & look around for different paper. Then again, the album doesn't have to match the nursery, but I just thought it would be nice if it did.

Check back for pictures of the 2 mini albums in progress and to see if I've gone crazy yet trying to match vintage 70's colors!

Take care - Ann & Katie



    1. Let me know what you think - I can always use pointers. Thanks for checking it out!