Monday, December 28, 2009

Getting Started

The first step in creating a discovery journal is to collect a few necessary supplies. A stack of magazines to cut pictures from, sharp scissors (I have a pair of cutter bees that I've used for years and they're still sharp, they also have nonstick blades, so you can cut tape, stickers, etc. without having to stop and clean the blades), glue sticks (Hobby Lobby carries photo safe ones that are very reasonable, and I have left-overs from scrap booking), pens, pencils (including colored pencils and watercolor pencils), markers, stickers, rubber stamps - just stuff that I have on hand and would normally use when creating scrapbooks, cards, etc. You get the picture. Right now I'm only gathering what I have on hand. I know that I will continue to add to the stash as I go along.

I needed some way to organize all the pictures I'm collecting. The journal has several manila pockets to organize things, but I can never do anything in a small way, so I went to Walmart and purchased an expanding file with 26 pockets. I looked at several that were cool colors and designs, but found that most didn't have POCKETS, they had dividers (open on the bottom so small pieces could slide from place to place). Some were even open to the outside along the bottom edges. So I ended up with a hot pink plastic file with 26 enclosed pockets, tabs on top to label and a sturdy handle so I can carry it around.

I'm also not following the suggested divisions from the journal. My brain works differently, so in order to be able to find things that I need I've created the following divisions: self/style, home, family, garden and words. I'll add more as I discover a need and may change those that don't work.

So I'm off to collect pictures that appeal to me. There doesn't have to be a reason, just things I like. I already have a small collection of things like Victorian images, landscapes, flowers, copies of photos of my family when I was a kid, crafty ideas, decorating ideas, but few modern women, clothes and accessories. I need to focus my attention on filling in gaps (but I know I won't be able to resist collecting other categories that I like). I can't wait to complete my first collage and post pictures!

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